XBTI - Iconic Funds Physical Bitcoin ETP

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Product Details

Type:Exchange Traded Note (100% collateralized)
ExchangesDeutsche Boerse Xetra,
SIX Swiss Exchange, Euronext Paris and Amsterdam
Trading CurrencyEUR, USD, CHF
Exchange TickerXBTI
BloombergXBTI GY
RIC (Reuters)XBTI.DE

General Information

Product Description

Iconic Funds Physical Bitcoin ETP (Ticker: XBTI) is an exchange traded product (ETP) that tracks the price of Bitcoin (BTC). The ETP is 100% physically backed by BTC. Each ETP gives the holder a claim on a predefined amount of BTC. 

  • Physically backed by Bitcoin and stored in so called cold storages, highly regulated and trusted crypto custodians with an additional 3rd Party insurance
  • Competitive management fee of 0.95% p.a.
  • Listed and traded on Deutsche Börse Xetra, SIX Swiss Exchange, Euronext Paris and Amsterdam
  • No lending – Bitcoin held in custody and not lent out
  • Iconic Funds is a German Company and the product is “Made in Germany”
Pricing Information

Bitcoin Entitlement (Bitcoin Factor): Each Note is backed by 0.0001 Bitcoin at launch.

Price: Bitcoin Entitlement (Bitcoin Factor) x Bitcoin price

Key Risks

Investors’ capital is at risk and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. The ETP is structured as fully collateralized debt security, not as equity. The ETP traded on exchanges are bought/sold at market prices which may be different to the net asset value of the ETP or Bitcoin

About the Issuer

Iconic Funds BTC ETN GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iconic Funds GmbH

Iconic Funds GmbH is a joint-venture of Iconic Holding GmbH and publicly-listed Cryptology Asset Group Ltd. Iconic Funds’ mission is to drive the adoption of crypto assets. As the bridge for investors to gain exposure to crypto assets, Iconic’s licensed and regulated vehicles offer investors a menu of investment choices ranging from passive index exposure to actively-managed strategies.

Iconic mitigates the technical risks of crypto investing by offering investors trusted and familiar means to invest in crypto at industry-leading low costs. The marriage of state-of-the-art technology, innovative investment products and uncompromising professionalism places Iconic at the vanguard of crypto asset management.

Composition of the product

The underlying of the Notes is Bitcoin, commonly known by the ticker symbol BTC. BTC was the first decentralised cryptocurrency. It was released as open-source software in 2009. BTC was developed to secure payment transactions over a peer-to-peer network (blockchain). The intention of the creation of BTC is to bridge the need for a trusted third party, to democratize the monetary system and ensure the anonymity of transactions made through the blockchain. In contrast to traditional currencies where governments or central banks have the power to increase the money supply at will, the supply of bitcoin is capped at 21 million units hardwired within its codebase. Despite the emergence of many alternative cryptocurrencies Bitcoin still remains the largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and user acceptance.

BTC (Bitcoin)


Iconic Funds Cryptocurrencies Research


Bitcoin’s performance has been strong compared to the major indices over recent years, offering a new source of returns with a high growth potential to investors. However, these impressive growth numbers are accompanied by a high volatility. At the same time it is also important to note that Bitcoin’s volatility has been decreasing in recent years and is expected to further decrease as regulation increases and more institutions are getting involved with Bitcoin.


Bitcoin’s returns exhibit low correlation to those of traditional assets such as broad market equity indices, bonds or gold as many studies have proven. While all assets have short bouts of correlation in short time frames, Bitcoin has always held its position as being  uncorrelated  to traditional markets for over a decade. Given such low correlations to all other asset types, Bitcoin has the potential to be a powerful diversification tool in a multi-asset portfolio.

Portfolio Impact

Research has shown that different portfolio types such as the Norway model, the Family Office model, or the Endowment Model benefit from an allocation in Bitcoin not only in terms of performance (alpha) but also in terms of the risk/return ratio, measured in the Sharpe Ratio. This is particularly astonishing considering that this is a highly volatile asset class. Volatility is punished in portfolio theory and it takes quite a bit to increase the Sharpe Ratio, nevertheless. It is only through this increase that an asset legitimizes itself as an addition to a balanced portfolio.

Treasury Impact

In the current low interest environment Bitcoin with its deflationary nature can be used as the primary treasury reserve asset of publicly-traded companies in order to hedge against inflation or other risks associated with holding extensive fiat positions. Large publicly listed firms that have adapted a treasury strategy with Bitcoin include MicroStrategy and Tesla. 

Key Facts

As of Date26.07.2021
Base CurrencyUSD
Inception DateApril 15, 2021
Bitcoin Entitlement NAV per Note (USD) **3.8204
Bitcoin Entitlement Factor (BTC) **0.00009972726772
Net Asset Value (USD)**11,086,747.59
Total Expense Ratio0.95%
Replication MethodPhysically Allocated Bitcoin (100% collateralized)
Notes Outstanding**2902000
UCITS CompliantNo
UCITS EligibleEligible*
Product StructureETP - Physically Backed by Bitcoins (100% collateralized)
Securities LendingNo
Legal FormDebt Security (100% collateralized)
IssuerIconic Funds BTC ETN GmbH
AdministratorState Street Bank International GmbH
Security TrusteeBankhaus von der Heydt GmbH & Co. KG
CustodiansFidelity Digital Assets LtdSM
Coinbase Custody International Ltd
RegistrarClearstream Banking AG
Registered for saleGermany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Finland, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Malta

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